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Strategy Papers for African Countries Consultant

World Food Programme

World Food Programme

Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2023

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Job Title: Consultant- Development of country strategy papers for selected countries in Africa

Type of Contract: WAE Consultant

Division: ARC – African Risk Capacity

Duty Station (City, Country): Home-based (travels to the countries)

Duration: 100 days over 5 months

Reporting to: Director for Policy and Technical Services Department


African Risk Capacity (ARC) is a Specialised Agency of the African Union. The ARC Agency leads the ARC Group, a development finance institution that provides financial tools and infrastructure to help countries manage natural disaster risks and adapt to climate change. It counts 35 AU countries as members and is supervised by a ministerial-level governing board elected by its Conference of the Parties. The ARC design and establishment phase was managed by WFP, under a MoU with the African Union, and WFP continues to provide administrative services support to the ARC Agency through an administrative services agreement.

In line with the Article 3 of the ARC Establishment Agreement, the objective of the ARC Agency is to assist the Member states to reduce the risk of loss and damage caused by Extreme Weather Events and Natural Disasters affecting Africa’s populations by providing targeted responses to disasters in a more timely, cost-effective, objective and transparent manner. Art 4 (b) of the same agreement emphasises that ARC Agency shall begin by assisting Parties to plan and prepare for emergencies caused by drought, and will later expand to address other types of Extreme Weather Events and Natural Disasters, and art 4 (d) reads that ARC shall assist Parties in assessing the financial impact of Extreme Weather Events and Natural Disasters.

In February 2020, ARC released its second Strategic Framework for the period 2020-2024 for delivering on its mandate, with the overarching ambitious mission “to promote harmonized resilience solutions for protecting African lives and livelihoods vulnerable to natural disasters caused by climate change and other perils of importance to the continent”. The three strategic objectives, set to be achieved to realize ARC’s vision and goal, focus on innovating through research and development, enhancing the disaster risk management landscape in Africa, and scaling up operations.

In order to deliver on this strategic framework in a more coherent manner and to respond effectively to the unique needs of its member states, ARC is developing standardized Country Strategy Papers (CSP) for its member states. The CSPs are intended to guide engagement in countries where ARC operates, responding to country needs in alignment with the ARC Strategic Framework, and identifying how and where ARC can best add value to existing national efforts in disaster risk management in each member state.

Accordingly, ARC is looking to recruit a consultant to support the ongoing development of the Country Strategy Papers for select beneficiary countries. 6 CSPs have been targeted for this consultant between May and November 2023. The CSPs will facilitate better management of the risks and enhance the effectiveness of the response to the risks in countries.

Section 1: Scope of Work

Emphasising that hired consultants will have extensive skills and experience, regional aspects must be given much attention throughout the process of analysing the below components at country levels. Thus, consultants shall:

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Support the review of the analysis done by the Country Engagement Managers (CEM) teams on Socio-economic and political situation in selected countries.
  • Analyse the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) System in identified countries by assessing, hazard exposure, the status of multi-sectoral systems for response, tools, and mechanisms in place that allow countries to ensure disaster preparedness and timely response. This section will also scan through the legal and institutional frameworks of the country vis a vis the DRM,
  • Assess key Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) initiatives existing in the country and active stakeholders that deal with DRM and Financing in countries, linking Legal and Institutional arrangements present, stakeholders involved, their mandates, and linkages with ARC interventions.
  • Work with ARC Country Teams under the leadership of the Country Engagement Managers to draw up a Strategy for ARC’s effective engagement in each of the countries based on findings from the assessments above and current engagement with the country.

Section 2: Indicative Methodology and Timelines

  1. Development of 4 CSPs within the period of assignment, and submission of draft final reports and Communication materials (soft copies),
  2. Presentation of draft reports to ARC and respective countries for incorporation of relevant feedback and validation (continuous throughout the period of the consultancy),
  3. Final report and communication materials (both soft and printed copies) – will include ARC & TWG inputs and comments


The consultant will develop an analytical approach that includes a complex and wide range of factors with findings presented in the form of a detailed report of findings following an outline that has been provided by ARC through soft and hard copies, and a PowerPoint presentation.


Applicants must have at least a master’s degree in one or more of the following disciplines: Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Disaster Risk Management, Policy Analysis, Climate Change Economics, or other closely related fields.

Relevant Experience

  • At least seven years of progressively responsible professional experience in the field of Disaster Risk Management with International and Inter-Governmental Organizations, International NGOs, Foundations, or Government Services
  • Experience working with African governments is an asset. Experience working at the regional level will be an added advantage
  • A strong track record in policy development and policy analysis
  • Solid capabilities in each of the following areas:
    • Excellent writing skills in English
    • Project design and mapping of relevant stakeholders
    • Monitoring and evaluation of climate finance planning and disaster risk management and response
    • Value-for-money and cost-benefit analysis
  • Significant experience with climate change adaptation programmes, with expert knowledge of the UNFCCC, climate adaptation programmes, and the international dialogues and debates on climate change adaptation.

Experience in working with Private Public Partnerships is an added advantage


Terms and Conditions

WFP offers a competitive compensation package which will be determined by the contract type and selected candidate’s qualifications and experience.

Please visit the following websites for detailed information on working with WFP. Click on: “Our work” and “Countries” to learn more about WFP’s operations.

Deadline for applications: 26 May 2023

Ref.: VA No. 827158

All employment decisions are made on the basis of organizational needs, job requirements, merit, and individual qualifications. WFP is committed to providing an

inclusive work environment free of sexual exploitation and abuse, all forms of discrimination, any kind of harassment, sexual harassment, and abuse of authority.

Therefore, all selected candidates will undergo rigorous reference and background checks.

No appointment under any kind of contract will be offered to members of the UN Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ), International

Civil Service Commission (ICSC), FAO Finance Committee, WFP External Auditor, WFP Audit Committee, Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) and other similar bodies within

the United Nations system with oversight responsibilities over WFP, both during their service and within three years of ceasing that service.